Rihanna's interview on 20 / 20

Rihanna's interview with Diane Sawyer on 20 / 20
That 20 / 20 interview that ERRRBODY's been waiting for finally aired. And The Forehead put Chris Brown's dirty draws to air out on national television in such a fashion that I can smell them skid 'n sweat stains from here.

The Forehead sat up in a cosy little room with Diane Saywer with her nasty Road runner hair, and in a dress and position that made shit look like the interrogation scene from Basic Instinct. I can assure you that this interview is easy on the p***y, heavy on the scandal.

She's a damn sight more articulate than that n***a Chris Brown. All he did on Larry King was mumble and lisp for 30 minutes. The Forehead sho' is a smart young lady. She gave perfect answers to everything she got asked. Some of the answers seemed a bit too controlled and a bit too perfect. And you could clearly see where bits were cut and edited. But I don't think anybody was expecting a full on breakdown on national television with warts and all. I certainly wasn't. Chick has an album to promote, and an image to uphold. Of course she has to keep it professional and slick.

This interview didn't really give away what we didn't know already. But it was cool to hear The Forehead speak out on how she both felt and now feels about the ordeal. Her interviews are usually quick, unsubstantial and boring. But his was actually interesting to watch and cemented her as a human being. Behind that big ol' forehead, the stupid hair and the gloss she's been brushed with since day one - she's human.

Doing a victim interview on 20 / 20 with Diane Sawyer is the kinda shit that sells albums. If Rated R doesn't push serious units in it's first week, then damn...

If folk didn't know it already, then I'mma let you know know: Rihanna is here to say whether we like it or not.


  1. all jokes aside, i love her for this. i think this was incredibly important to do and i'm glad that she had enough sense to do it. i don't even care that this interview coincides with her new album's release.


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