SHINee borrow a Super Junior for a performance of "Ring ding dong"

SHINee borrow Yesung to perform 'Ring ding dong'
The SHINee boys were a member down for their live performance of their hit song on Music bank. It weren't a damn thing though. Because with Jonghyun out, in came a Super Junior member!

You could argue why the hell Yesung was filling in for a SHINee member, when there are four other members up in the group who could have done his verse. But it was clearly done for publicity, and a good ploy it was too! A SHINeee boy is sick, so "Ooooo! Let's chuck in a Super Junior member!". I bet fan girls were beside themselves! Even though Yesung ran off the stage after one verse, further questioning why the hell he even bothered.

What was up with Taemin and Minho's clothes!? Their tops looked like random pieces of fabric draped over their heads.


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