'Sweet 7' push back

The Sugababes' 'Sweet 7' gets a push back into 2010
The Sugababes seventh studio album has just been pushed back into to February 2010. Let's all hold hands and say it together: "HOT...ASS....MESS!" And I'll throw another 2 pence in and say "I told you so!" And here's another: "So' it comin'!"

I said from day one that Sweet 7 should have been pushed back into 2010. I guess somebody else finally realised it was the best thing to do. The album should not have gone ahead so soon in the first place really. It's clear the girls were having issues from Catfights and spotlights. Shit...even Change! So I don't know why management didn't act sooner and change the line up, and sort the situation before the girls were on the cusp of releasing their new album. Folk in the Sugababes camp may have thought the 'Keisha gets booted' scandal would help sell - but it's having the opposite effect. Keisha is getting more damn promotion than the current Sugababes 4.0 line-up! And the 4.0's have done nothing in the way of pushing the album aside from appear on a couple of radio shows. It's a joke. Match this all with Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Susan Boyle (trust me...this woman WILL push units) all releasing an album on November 23, with Leona Lewis releasing a week before - and it's a no brainer this album was going to get a push back.

Amelle has also been checked into a private health clinic for exhaustion. Which again: is not a good look. I've got nothing against Amelle. But her commitment to the group has NOT been 100% since she joined the group in 2005. Every other month she's caught up in some shit. A fight in a club, her boyfriend raping her sister, causing criminal damage, fighting with Keisha, her boyfriend having his arm near chopped off by some attempted murderer, going off the radar sparking a kidnapping, being absent from performances and promotional activities. She's a mess! She looks the part and has swagger. But her commitment has never been of that of Keisha and Heidi. She may has well get chucked out the group too at this rate. It's not like the Sugababes are the Sugababes any more anyway. So they may as well keep it movin'!

Whilst I'm sure Keisha was no angel in the group, and was far from the perfect group member: it's looking to me like the problems were bigger than her. Kicking her out of the group seemed like an easy fix, but it's helped nothing. The cracks in the foundations are way too deep now. Management need to fix up and Island records need to start acting right. Because if something isn't done soon and the right decisions aren't made promptly - Sweet 7 could be the 'babes final release. Providing it doesn't end up shelved.

I hope the girls take this extra time to record a WHOLE new album. Their managers need to cancel these girls' Christmas and have them hole up in a studio for 2 solid months. Keep "About a girl", re-work "Get sexy" and record all new shit from scratch. More sessions with RedOne, a couple more with Stargate and a session with Brian Higgins and his Xenomania crew wouldn't hurt neither. The 'babes will be releasing a third single ("Wear my kiss") before the album release in February. But I can't see what good this will do. Especially considering how boring the song is in comparison to "Get sexy" and "About a girl".

It's a real shame it's all gone tits up like this, because in the midst of it all: "About a girl" has now gone to waste. I personally think it was one of the 'babes strongest singles since "About you now". And it really is a shame it's gone down like this.


  1. they should've booted ammelle out replace her with jade in the first place so it'll be keisha, heidi and jade. jade and ammelle sounded to similar.

  2. i dont agree with Anonymous said... if they had just booted Amelle and replaced her with Jade then Keisha would have just bullied Jade too and we'd end up with annother lame album like "Change".
    In my opinion Mutya was the one behind the best music, lets be honest once she left Keisha took controll and can we compare "Change" to the other albums?!? it's like a whack girls aloud album (appart from the singles) . . . .
    I think Amelle is getting used as a scapegoat . . . peeps saying she isnt 100% commited! whare has that come from?!? she could have just left the band and gone solo but she didnt so i think shes pretty commited.
    i like most of the leaked songs but i agree it's best the album is pushed back to let the drama die down a bit then come back strong! SUGABABES 4EVA!


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