2PM's dusty charity performance of "Heartbeat"

2PM's dusty charity performance of 'Heartbeat'
2PM performed at Korea's 2009 Social service awards. It was nice of 2PM to perform at such an event. And it was nice of the event holders to ask 2PM to perform. Even though 2PM's core target audience probabaly don't give a damn about social service acts. It's kinda wrong when you'd rather watch a group perform a dance in multi coloured clothes for a Samsung phone commercial than at a charitable humanitarian event...

Wow. That crowd was Michael Jackson (i.e Dead). I know this was a charity gig, but DAMN. Show some enthusiasm! Plus, couldn't the vsual tech team have put 2PM's video on the screen behind them or something? And then there's the miming. This whole performance was a joke. 2PM may as well have not performed at all. The whole thing felt awkward to watch. I've not liked any of 2PM's performances of "Heartbeat", but this one ranks as the worst of them all.