Bonus material: Lady Gaga featuring Rodney Jerkins - Reloaded

Bonus material: Lady Gaga featuring Rodney Jerkins
I listened to The fame monster the other day, and I really liked it. So I find it odd and to be such a flippin' shame that a song this hot got left off of it, when it's better than some of the songs that made the cut.

Listen: Reloaded

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Well I'll be damned! Did Rodney Jerkins just go and jack Timbo and Danja!? Me thinks he did! The production is as hot as hell. The only thing I think this song needed was more vocal effects and trickery. Yes, I said it. The same style of manipulation that Rodney went mad with on "Telephone" would've set this song off nicely and helped elevate the chorus. We could have done without Rodney's rap too, as it was garbage. But "Reloaded" is still a stupidly a hot song. Bitch was crazy to have left this off of The fame monster. I prefer this to "Telephone", which annoys me every time I hear it now.

I love how Rodney Jerkins productions tame Lady Gaga. Not in a restricted way. But in a way that strips her down and makes you realize that even without gimmicks, over done theatrics, lines about vertigo 'n disco sticks - that Lady Gaga can still hold a song and bring the heat. "Reloaded" is one of the few songs where Gaga sings throughout, with no semi shouting or chanting - and she sounds great for it.

Rodney Jerkins needs to be all up on Gaga's next release. Between RedOne, Rob Fusari, Rodney Jerkins and another helping from Teddy Riley - Gaga's next album would be insane.


  1. Is it just me or is there hint of Prince's when doves cry on the verses?


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