Janet and Lady Gaga on The X Factor

Janet and Gaga on The X Factor
Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson both appeared on X-Factor a short while back to show the wannabe pop stars (and that ho Cheryl) how a pop star handles their business on a stage. Lady Gaga showed and proved. But Janet Jackson failed miserably. It's almost painful for me to say that Cheryl Bum-Hole's The X Factor performance of "Fight for this love" showed Janet right up. And Cheryl's whole performance was a tax of Janet in the first place!

Watch Janet: Janet's 'live' performance on The X-Factor 2009

Janet wasn't playing when she dropped that song about how good she sucked a dick on Damita Ho. Because Janet sucked the house down right here. I love Janet. I own Control and Rhythm Nation 1814 on vinyl and CD. I even bought All for poo, Damita Ho and 20 N.O at FULL PRICE! But I have to call a spade, a spade. And Janet was not on form with this performance what-so-ever. She mimed her way through both songs and her dancing (what little there was of it) was lacking that Janet tightness. Janet is much better than this. If she doesn't put more effort into her shit, then she won't be seeing success with a new album any time soon. She'll get a pass for this shit because of Michael's death. Cold to say, but it's true. Because on a real: Janet's performance was crap and unacceptable from a veteran like herself. She's falling off how Michael did. I just hope she stays away from the Demerol.

Watch Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga's live performance on The X-Factor 2009

"She was good" is the automated response when it comes to watching Lady Gaga doing her thing live. More could have been done with the stage. The bath tub was so damn big that I often felt like it was the focal point of the whole performance and took away from Lady Gaga and the dancers. But Lady Gaga sounded good vocally, and was engaging from start to finish. I'm still not a huge fan of "Bad romance", but I love watching her perform it because she always performs it differently every time, and always draws you in. I'm quickly becoming a huge Lady Gaga fan. This woman's stage swagger and dedication to her craft is undeniable. You cannot knock her hustle.


  1. I didn't even bother watching the Janet performance. *shakes head*

    GaGa, on the other hand, looked like a devil transformer. It's not my favorite performance of BR, but it was cool enough. Simon's tub was a little ridiculous. She could have went without that.


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