Kumi Koda gives it slow then fast for Best artist 2009

Kumi Koda performs 'Ai no uta' and 'Lick me' on Best artist 2009
Our favourite J-Pop ho Kumi Koda put in a stint at the Best artist 2009 special, where she performed her 2007 hit single "Ai no uta" and her 'so popular that Kumi Koda can't seem to perform anything but' single "Lick me". As is always the case, Kumi looked hot, gave big smiles, sounded hot, worked some leg and some new hair that isn't hers.

I've always favoured Kumi Koda's slower songs over her up tempo's because they showcase her vocals better, and she never comes off like she's trying overly hard to be hip or compete with US Pop and R&B. "Ai no uta" is a nice song. It'll never get the same amount of love from me as the "Hands" and "You" (which are my favourite Kumi Koda songs that get played on a regular basis), but this performance of "Ai no uta" was really nice.

Kumi Koda is getting some serious air miles out of "Lick me". I still can't believe she's milking this shit when she's released a double A-single since it and has a new one set to drop in a few weeks time. I'm not sick of the song though, and by the looks of things: neither is Kumi. I usually tire pretty quickly of any single Kumi Koda releases. But "Lick me" is still a goer for me. I don't play it. But always sit through every performance Kumi does of the song, because she always performs it well, with slight variations here and there to help keep things fresh.

Somebody should have offered Kumi an award for not slipping and being laid out on the floor. Because the train on that dress could have caused some problems.


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