Kumi Koda performs "Lick me" at Best hit Kayousai

Kumi Koda performs 'Lick me' at Best hit Kayousai
My J-Pop ho Kumi Koda got out on of her finest wigs, a saucy but classy little red and black ensemble, and gave a super smile charged performance of "Lick me" at the Best hit Kayousai show. I can't believe the air miles she's getting out of this song. She's been performing like mad lately. "Physical thing" isn't even getting a look in!

Kumi Koda keeps it movin' with the wigs and weaves. Every performance and video of hers in the past year has had her rockin' some different shit. She must have a closet at home that looks like a family of Cousin It's are just kickin' it with the amount of hair she goes through. If ever chicks in India see Kumi Koda coming, they best hold onto their scalp and run!

Kumi Koda always puts on a good performance. Her albums are as inconsistent as shit, but her performances are always consistently solid. I can rarely ever fault her live stage game. This performance of "Lick me" was pretty simple, but great all the same. I loved how the crowd were looking at the stage, and were confused as hell when they heard Kumi start singing, but couldn't see her there. It made me wanna go into Panto mode and shout "She's behind you!!!!"