Lady Gaga and Darkchild in the studio working on "Telephone"

I don't know if it's the camera this was filmed on, or if something got tweaked in the final mix. But "Telephone"'s beat sounds like it was knocking much harder in this studio session than in the final version. I'm kinda pissed. Because those heavy kicks and that extra bass sounded seriously hot, and had a warmth the final version lacks. I still don't like Beyoncé's inclusion on the song. But "Telephone" is still a song I play and have love for. Lady Gaga would be wise to release it as a single. Show that bitch Beyonce how a hot video with Gaga and Bee should be looking.

It was pretty cool to see Gaga dressed down and normal in the studio, and how much fun she and Rodney Jerkins had. She's been showing a lot more of herself away from 'Lady Gaga' in many of her appearances and interviews as of late - and she comes off all the more awesome for it. She's an intelligent lady with a cool wit and a warmth to her, and it's great we're beginning to see that now.

I'd love for Lady Gaga and Rodney Jerkins to work together again, because Rodney hooked her up for "Telephone" and gave her a sound that really compliments her work with RedOne in a big way.


  1. Damn, beat was definitely knocking HARD! I really like the song, but the beat definitely wasn't rockin' like that.

    I hope there's a video for it!


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