Mariah to tour with Memoirs of an imperfect angel

Mariah's 'Angels advocate' tour
In a move that surprised a fart outta me: Miming Mimi will be embarking on a tour in support of her under performing album Memoirs of an imperfect angel titled Angels advocate. I bet Mariah sat at home for weeks to come up with that tour title.

This is good look for Mariah's fans. And I'm talking the HARDCORE fans who can put up with her whack live performances and can see and hear past the mess. Because I sure as hell wouldn't pay a penny to see Mariah live unless I knew beforehand she was gonna die - so I could say "Yeah, saw her live on her last tour". And even then, I'd think twice.

I've got mucho love for Mariah. But she's not that great a live performer. Before she had the strength of her voice to carry everything. Now she's barely got that and struggles to sing her shit well in one live take. And it's not like Mariah can dance, bump, grind and p***y pop to help balance things out. At least Britney walks around a stage for her Circus tour. I bet Mariah won't even do that.

It's a real shame that her Memoirs of an imperfect angel has suffered in the same way E=MC² did. Because just like it's predecessor: it was a solid album, had the potential to do well, and featured more than enough single worthy songs to enjoy a good five single run. Possibly six. But poor single choices released at the worst possible times, hesistance and really awful videos has once again stalled Mariah's sales. Hopefully for her, this tour will help things.

Reviews of the albums L.A Reid f**ked up on: Memoirs of an imperfect angel & E=MC²


  1. That picture needs to be posted on all Mariah fan forums as an ad for the tour! LMAO!!!!!


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