Music video: Brian featuring The supreme team - My girl

YG entertainment called. They want their "Fire (Street version)" and "Where u at" sets back.

The song sounds like Akon's "Beautiful" and some miscellaneous beat of JYP's had sex with auto-tune. I hate it. Brian's Manifold album has a good selection of songs that would have made much better singles than "My girl". He should have tried picking one of them.

I like Brian. He's always a blast to watch on variety shows and his interviews are always fun and witty. But I can't give him a pass for this song and this video, because they're both doo doo. Thankfully, Brian is so charismatic and likeable, that this won't harm how well his album does. And fan girls are probably too sprung off of his new hair style to care. He does need to lobby for a better follow up single though. I say he goes all slow and swoony and drops "Erase". Such a hot song with potential for some on stage caressing and grinding to make the Brian lovers lose it.