Music video: Britney Spears - 3 (Director's cut)

This is better then the original edit. But still a shoddier video than the song deserved. Britney was looking smokin' in the lace with the ice and hair did. It was the only get-up she was rocking where she looked like somebody in hair and make-up made an effort with her. I can't understand why the one setup where Britney looked best was taken out of the video.

I like how we got to see Britney's booty in close-up on the floor. I didn't realize what a hot booty Britney had until I saw it jiggle in the "Gimme more" video. Another instance of a hot Britney song not getting the music video it deserved.

"3" is such a hot song. I play it a heck of a lot. I just love the beat. Especially on the last run of the chorus where it starts knockin'.


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