Music video: Gackt - Stay the ride alive

Not Gackt's best song. I want to say I really like it, but something about the song feels off to me. Gackt sounds great. And the production on the music itself sounds great. I just don't think they sound great together. But as a Kamen rider theme it more than serves it's purpose.

The video was really simple, but it was well done. We even got some white and black people up in there! Okay. So it was one white man, and one old black man - and they appeared for all of half a second. But you gotta love miscellaneous white and black people appearing in J-videos.

Gackt has been looking more and more manly as of late. Ever since ditching the blonde hair he's been tapping into his masculinity. He looks better now than he ever did before. Another J-star in the game who just seems to look better and better with age.


  1. All of the kamen rider songs were written and composed by other artists, Gackt is providing the performance only.


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