Music video: JYP - No love no more

Super camp. What JYP does best! This song and video should have gone to 2PM. A rap courtesy of Taecyeon would have helped lift this song from flatlined dryness. And seeing the 2PM boys dance it out and drop some cheerleader formations and roly poly's would have made the choreography pop a little more. Something about JYP as an artist is just odd to me. It's like a joke. Expect you know it isn't really. The dude is a great CEO and a mastermind. If I were an aspiring artist in South Korea, I'd be trying to get all up into JYP entertainment. I think he should just stick with doing shit behind the scenes and making shit happen for others. Although watching him step out on his own endeavours is mildly entertaining, as he always seems to drop a video that makes you think "Oh shit...he didn't...did he!?".


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