Music video: Kid Cudi featuring MGMT - Pursuit of happiness

I'm disappointed in Kid Cudi. He should have come with a much better and original video than this. I was expecting to fly, retro shit to go down in the music video. But instead we get some clich├ęd VIP party with bubbly poppin' off, chicken heads making like they're top dollar hoes, and Drake all up in the video like he has anything to do with the song. Where were MGMT at!?

If Cudi promotes "Pursuit of happiness" across Europe, he could nab a top ten hit, with every chance of the song reaching number one. Kid Cudi has the credibility to win over the Rap, Pop and Indie crowds in one fell swoop with this single. Which is why I'm a little disappointed that he went for such a bog standard video.

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  1. I too was disappointed. Why the **** is Drake in the video? Stupid. Considering how hot the song is, I was expecting something ethereal or at least kinda out there for the video.


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