The queen and the princess grace Elle magazine

Lady Gaga on the cover of ELLE magazine Britney Spears and her 2 sons on the cover of ELLE magazine

The Queen and the princess of pop on two different covers for the same issue of Elle. It might be premature to say Lady Gaga is the Queen of pop considering Madonna hasn't fallen into a Demerol induced coma just yet. But when I see Lady Gaga: Queen of pop. It doesn't seem odd to me. Because she very much could be, and in most ways - is. She's done so much for herself in such a short space of time. You almost wonder what the music game was like without her, because she seems to be such a fundamental part of it now. Britney will always be the princess of pop. A title that her tremendous past successes and achievements will allow her to hold even in the midst of her scandals and stale live performances. Her music stays hot, and gets hotter. But her live stage game is a mess. She's 10 years deep into her career, and the way she rolls at the moment is not of that of a game veteran.

Both ladies look nice on their respective covers. Cool, understated and natural. Britney looks like she's about to drop her baby. But it wouldn't be the first time.


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