Rihanna on SNL

Rihanna on SNL
The Forehead took her Road runner hair turned carefully trimmed mullet to NBC's Saturday night live, where she treated everybody to the standard two performances and one obligatory skit. Pretty good effort from The Forehead all round. That Rihanna rain just won't let up for real!

"Russian roulette" performance

"Hard" performance (featuring Young Jeezy)

One word rolls off the tongue when it comes to The Forehead's performances. And that's "Okay". Her performances are never complete crap, but they're never amazing neither. They're just okay. I cannot take listening to her perform "Russian roulette" live because her vocals during the hook are so un-smooth and strained that it makes me wanna grab a steak knife and slit a wrist. "Hard" was okay. But given the energy of the song, The Forehead didn't do much to match it. Sure, she did a little whine here and there. But there was no swagger. No bounce. No electricity. Young Jeezy made this whole performance. The Forehead is lucky she's able to look so fine on stage. Otherwise there wouldn't be much else positive to say about her live stage game. She's gonna have to come better than this if she wants more people to buy her album.

Rihanna & Shy Ronnie skit

This skit went on for too long and it wasn't even that funny. ♪ C'mon. This beat costa lotta monay! ♪ made me chuckle. But the whole thing didn't have me laughing out loud how "Dick in a box", "Mother lover" and The lonley island's "Jizz in my pants" and "I'm on a boat" did. Andy Samberg pretty much wasted Rihanna on this skit, and the beat too - which was actually pretty hot. This song was still better than some of the songs on Rated R. I prefer it to the crapfest that is "Wait your turn".


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