Rihanna's "Russian roulette" performance on Cheryl Cole's night in

Rihanna's 'Russian roulette' performance on 'Cheryl Cole's night in'
Rihanna made a quick stop on ITV's Saturday night show Cheryl Cole's night in to perform her lead single from Rated R "Russian roulette". I've not been too hot on The Forehead's recent string of "Russian roulette" performances. But this one was really good. Not brilliant. But good. When you're set to perform after the likes of Cheryl Bum-Hole. It's not like the bar is set particularly high...

As if it wasn't official already: The Forehead is now a bit of a style icon. I can't even hate on her. Some of the shit she wears is questionable. But The Forehead keeps it moving with the fashion. I liked what she wore for this performance, and the whole dark dungeon meets Opera belle shit she went with for the whole thing. Lord knows how she didn't catch a hit from the floor in those heels though. They didn't look like they were offering her much support. But she managed to stay upright. She probabaly gave herself some bunions and shit though.

This performance is The Forehead's best so far in terms of her vocals. Her not attempting to belt the first run of the chorus made things easier on the ears and allowed her to keep things in a register she can actually sing in and control. But as soon as she started walking towards the front of the stage, I was thinking "Oh, Lawd. She's gonna take it there..." and then the horrid screech of ♪ You can see my haaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrt ♪ kicked in. Aside from the nasty deliver of that line, everything else was nice and controlled.