2PM say goodbye, with "Tired of waiting" and "Heartbeat"

2PM say goodbye, with 'Tired of waiting' and 'Heartbeat'
With the 2PM boys having promoted the hell out of "Heartbeat" and their first full(ish) length album for the past month of so, it was time for them to bow out with some goodbye stages. And they went out in style!

2PM's goodbye stage @ Music core

2PM's goodbye stage @ Inkigayo

The way the K-Pop game handles singles and shit will always confuse me. 2PM have been running performances of "Tired of waiting" into the ground! The song was released before "Heartbeat". So why didn't it get a music video!? The song grew on me in a big way once the boys started performing it. I always liked the song, I just hated the chorus and the auto-tune. I still do. But their performance makes it more tolerable as their live voices are void of studio trickery. I actually like that their voices aren't pitch perfect when they perform this song. It adds that human touch that was missing on the album version.

Despite goodbye stages looking like an act is about to retire from the game forever. 2PM will be back with a new album as soon as April! With many still holding reservations that Jay will also return. It'd be great if he did. As cool and as individual as the members of 2PM are, and as hard as they've worked; you can't deny that a pretty sizable void was left when Jay departed.

JYP is a master mind. He knows more than he let's on. He's done a great job playing on the whole Jay situation. And having the boys perform two songs which could easily be alluding to Jay and echoing how fans feel? Genius.

I look forward to 2PM's new roll out in April. It seems a bit too soon to release a second album. But if Jay indeed returns in April, nobody will even care. And if the music is good, then it's all good. Their debut album was alright, but there was a lot of room for improvement.

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  1. hopefully in Indonesia later concert featuring the spectacular and good that we are satisfied


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