BoA's Identity

BoA - Identity [CD] BoA - Identity [CD + DVD]

BoA's 7th Japanese studio album Identity is officially slated for a February 10 release. There was some online hooplah regarding it being canceled, but AvexTrax simply pushed the release back. I say they push it back again and shoot som decent looking album covers. What is with these pieces of shits!? I'm not feeling either of them. Why is BoA on the floor like somebody has their foot in her back and is forcing her to smile for a camera, and then walking out of a club looking like a confused ho wanting some penis in her mouth!? I hope these aren't indicative of the music. You can peep the track list below.

01. This is who I am
02. Easy
02. Bump Bump! (featuring Verbal of M-Flo)
04. Lazer
05. Interlude #1
06. Is this love
07. Interlude #2
08. まもりたい: White Wishes | Mamoritai: White wishes
09. ネコラブ | Neku rabu
10. The end そして and... | The end soshite and...
11. Possibility (featuring Daichi Miura)
12. Fallin'
13. My all

01. Bump Bump! (Music video)
02. まもりたい: White Wishes | Mamoritai: White wishes (Music video)
03. BoA's Best & USA release party (Live @ Studio coast - April 6, 2009)

I like "Bump bump!" and "Mamoritai: White wishes", so I'm rather keen to hear the rest of this album. The DVD seems a little light on content though. Avex should have put the music videos to "Eat you up", "I did it for love" and "Energetic" on there too. It may have helped sell an extra few copies of her flop US debut, and may have helped peaked the interest of those who didn't pick it or Best & USA up in the stores the first time around.

BoA's been getting some serious love from me ever since she dropped "Control". That song really should have been a single. BoA's got potential. I just hope she taps into it, and realizes it sooner than later.

Identity will mark the first time that BoA is credited as a producer. It's still not known in what capacity - but she's starting to take the reigns of her music folks, and that's a start.

Identity music videos: Bump bump! | Mamoritai: White wishes
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