Bonus material: Mariah Carey - Candy bling, Angels cry, Up out my face & Inseperable (Remixes)

Bonus material: Mariah Carey - Candy bling, Angels cry, Up out my face & Inseperable (Remixes)
Mariah is still on track to release her remix album, tentatively titled Angels advocate. We've pretty much heard the whole thing already. So many of the remixes have leaked now, that Def Jam should just release the shit on iTunes and save the CD ending up in bargain bins and being used as door stops in stock rooms.

Listen: Candy bling (featuring T-Pain)

Listen: Angels cry (featuring Ne-Yo)

Listen: Up out my face (featuring Nicki Minaj)

Listen: Inseparable (featuring Trey Songz)

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The only song I like over the original out of all the remixes I've heard so far is "Angels cry". I'm probably alone in what I'm about to say: but I think Ne-Yo outshines Mariah. He puts it down so well that I'm hard pressed to tell the song was Mariah's originally. I still think "Angels cry" is just a re-hash of "I stay in love". But the remix is nice. Everything else is just sub par. Nicki Minaj does nothing for "Up out of my face". The only thing that could make "Up out my face" better, would be an inclusion of the awesome reprise. "Candy bling" got ruined. And "Inseparable" sounds a mess now. The mixing and editing sounds like it was done badly by a fan on YouTube.

Tricky Stewart said he'd been working on some remixes from scratch for this Memoirs remix album. N***a either lied, or he got busy working on a project that actually mattered. Because nothing that I've heard so far has made me think that this remix album is worth buying. If anything, Mariah should have taken some extra time, and released Memoirs of an imperfect angel in two editions: a regular edition, and a two CD deluxe edition featuring some of the remixes. I'm sure fans would have preferred this, instead of that disc featuring rubbish remixes of "Obsessed".

It's a shame Memoirs of an imperfect angel got head shot by L.A Reid, because it's one of Mariah's more solid efforts. It was actually a damn good album that could have gone the distance if Def Jam and Mariah herself weren't so complacent with promoting it. But poor single choices, dodgy live performances and a not so subtle lack of support from Def Jam overshadowed the music and causes a good album to under perform.

Give it a read: Memoirs of an imperfect angel album review


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