A bunch of Kumi's "Can we go back" performances

A bunch of Kumi's 'Can we go back' performances
Kumi Koda finally manages to grace Japanese audiences and her worldwide fans to a performance of a song other than "Lick me". At the rate she was going, you would have sworn blind it was the only thing close to a hit that she had in her discography! With the Kumi promo wagon in full swing leading up to her Universe release; she's been putting in the work with a slew of performances of her single, "Can we go back". Check her, her dusty pink mullet and a couple of her black back-up singers (I wonder what the newspaper ad for that gig read like!) rock it out, after the jump! Hai, dozo...

Kumi Koda's "Can we go back" performance @ CDTV

Kumi Koda's "Can we go back" performance @ Hey! Hey! Hey!

Kumi Koda's "Can we go back" performance @ Music fighter

Three great performances from our number one resident J-Pop ho. Kumi Koda is in her own lane when it comes to the live performances. I'd go as far as to say she's in the top tier of live performers in the J-Pop game. She always manages to create just enough of a spectacle to hold your attention, but also delivers a vocal performance that sounds as good as she does on her CD's, if not: better! I think a lot of her music sucks. But I cannot deny her live game. It's on point. Plus, she's hot, and looks like she'd put down a good game in the bedroom.


  1. You know when I saw her video for this song I thought I'd like to see Kumi do a duet with Gackt. Nothing heavy just some kick ass rock song. Just saying.....^-^

  2. This song has grown on me since I first heard it, and I prefer it over the Kelly Clarkson version. But I don't like the dancing mid way in the official vid, it's distracting.

    You can watch the 'You're So Beautiful' vid here:

    And some piccies from her album if you wanna take a look (bottom of pages 1 and 2)


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