Crystal Kay is back in the studio

Crystal Kay in the studio [photos courtesy of Crystal Kay's official blog @]
Crystal Kay recently blogged that she is in the studio recording something new. Hmmm.... New album!? I f**king hope so! I have love for Color change! But it was not as hot an album that I wanted from Crystal after she dropped the A+ game for All yours. "Konna ni chikaku de...", "Dream world", "I wanna be", "Escalator" - the whole album is a classic. On those nights where I find it hard to just doze off, All yours is my sleep therapy. When I need a pick me up, "Konna ni chikaku de..." is the path to happy!

I really do hope Crystal turns it out for her next album and bestows upon me another classic. She's going to need to come hard, because J-R&B chick Hiromi threw down the gauntlet with her debut. And as for solid albums in J-Pop that have just plain blown me away: MiChi dropped the fire with her debut. Crystal... do NOT let me down!!

Check 'em out... All yours & Color change! album reviews


  1. You just made me want to listen to some "Konna ni chikaku de...". I need that song in my life.

  2. oh yes! i can't wait for a new album from crystal :) she's the reason i got into j-pop luv her :)


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