Crystal Kay's J-drama debut

Crystal Kay's J-drama debut in 'Hidarime tantei EYE'
Crystal Kay is set to make her J-drama debut star and star in the on-screen adaptation of Hidarime tantei EYE. I'm a J-drama feen. So you can rely on me to give you the scoop on whether she's good or bad in this drama, and to hit you up with some screen grabs of this shit. The show doesn't look all that great to me, and I would not have batted an eyelid at it if it didn't feature Crystal. But seeing as it does, I will be checking this out.

I was hoping for Crystal to be singing the theme song. But with this drama being a Johnny's affair, some Johnny group I don't care for will be singing it instead. The Johnny connection was probably how she got the gig in the first place. A couple of appearances on KAT-TUN's variety show, a performance with them, and two songs with the ever popular Akanishi Jin - I think she's the only female to have worked with the Johnny camp this much! Johnny Kitagawa tends to put a p***y embargo on all of his acts. So Crystal should feel very honoured.

It's not known whether her role in this J-drama will be as a regular, or if it will be as a special guest spot for one episode. But I'm eager to see her act. She plays a dangerous hacker who lives in confinement. Crystal had better be looking fine. I don't want to her as some run down chick in a sweater in some apartment living room surrounded by empty pot noodle cups and doo-doo stained tatami mats. Although that would be kinda cool in a "Dayum! Look what they did to Crystal!?" kinda way.

Crystal Kay to make drama debut @ Tokyograph


  1. Has this aired yet? What up bb mama needs the scoop on this.


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