The Forehead works it for W magazine

The Forehead on the cover of W magazine The Forehead's photo shoot for W magazineThe Forehead's photo shoot for W magazine The Forehead's photo shoot for W magazine

Chick looks smokin' in every single one of these pictures. Bitch has come a long way. Confidence makes all the difference. Because whilst The Forehead has always been a looker, none of the photoshoots she had done in the past had ever captivated - because she always looked so uncomfortable and nervous. Now a couple of albums and a beating later, and she looks 100% comfortable in her own skin in front of a camera. Baddest bitch in heels right here? I'm inclined to go with that based on these pictures!

And FINALLY she's managed to have that Road runner hair styled into something that actually looks rather elegant, whilst retaining the edge. She still needs to fix up the back: get her home girl Melissa to relax it, and get a n***a to fade that shit out. But other than that, the hair looks decent.

I think these pictures shit all over the 'trying way too hard to be hard' shoot she did for her Rated R album. She looks amazing! Shame I can't say the same about her music. Rated R's charm was never strong on me to begin with. But what charm it did have on me has fully worn off now. I've played "Hard" to death now, to the point where I'm sick of it. The same goes for "Rude boy".

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