G-Dragon and his ho CL

G-Dragon and his ho CL [image used courtesy of Osen]
G-Dragon and CL hit the stage to perform "The leaders" and both leaders got flack for their style. This is another day in the life for G-Dragon. CL on the other hand may not welcome the attention so much. Especially seeing as netizens seems to think her attire was inappropriate and are saying she looks like a slut, a ho, a chicken head - you get the picture.

CL wore get-up similar to this during promotional performances of "Fire" and weren't nobody saying anything then. She cuts some holes across her midriff and all of a sudden, she's a ho!? I don't get it. By Pop standards this shit is tame for 18 year olds in the game. Destiny's child's outfits back when they were 18 barely featured enough fabric to make up the jacket CL's wearing. And Britney was prancing around in a PVC cat suit and slow grinding at MTV award shows in flesh coloured body suits when she was 18. Give the girl a break!

I can understand why some would blow up about this outfit. But it really is not that bad. If she hadn't worn the leggings, it would have been a different matter entirely. I'm more concerned about G-Dragon myself. What's up with that hair!?

G-Dragon and CL would make a pretty hot couple though. Just day in, day out crazy fashion and swagger. You could see certainly see the attraction between them if they were ever to hook up.


  1. I have been waiting for a kpop article thank you
    They would make a cute couple lol


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