Girls' generations comeback stage @ Music core

Girls' generations comeback stage @ Music core
Girls' generation are back. Which means sitting pretty at the number 1 spot of many of Korea's charts, flaunting some leg live on stage and the slew of male parodies of "Oh!" which are sure to follow in good time.

Check out SM entertainment SNSD-bots give their first live performance of their mega hit single "Oh!", along with a sexy album cut...

"Oh" comeback stage performance @ Music core

I find "Oh!" much more likeable watching the SNSD-bots perform it. And despite the over cooked charm in the music video - the girls' worked it much better live. But I still don't like "Oh!" as much as I did "Gee" or "Tell me your wish (Genie)". And I can't see myself playing it in the car, on the iPod, or blaring it loud at home; as I confess to doing with "Gee" and "Tell me your wish (Genie)". The whole cheerleader routine is going to get old really quickly. More so for me, because I'm still not 100% on the song.

"Show show show" comeback stage performance @ Music core

There was something a mish-mashed mashed about those outfits. They looked like they were just knocked together with random bits and bobs at a swap meet, and a top hat found in a charity shop. A more tailored look in the form of a sexy magicians would have looked a lot cleaner. But I see what the girls were going for, and I do like it. They looked especially hot with the super permed hair. It reminded me a lot of Namie Amuro. I prefer "Show show show" to "Oh!" ten fold. It has a much better hook, a hot beat and is sexy without being too much so. I hope the girls alternative between performances of "Show show show" and "Oh!". Because after one performance, I'm already tired of "Oh!".

I do wish these girls would put on a little weight. They look like they've not eaten since their "Tell me your wish (Genie)" goodbye stage. All except for Sunny, who always seems to look like she's eaten good. Just what I like to see! She needs to spread the word to her underfed sisters.


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