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One of my blog readers (chin up Ralph!) shouted out to me dedicate a post to the Haiti situation and help raise awareness of the earthquake which as taken over 50,000 lives (and counting) - and I'm glad he asked me to. Because it made me realize that this isn't something anybody should turn a blind eye to. This is reality. It may not be yours, and it may not be mine. But a reality indeed, it is. One which many can't escape from with the click of a browser button.

Haiti is a developing country, and it's sad to say that it may never fully recover from this disaster (if the Katrina and New Orleans situation is anything to go by). But that doesn't mean we can't have faith, and try to help and turn the tables around. Ensuring that Haiti strives through this difficult time, and that the people of the island see hope and a future.

You and I may not be Haitian. But we are human. And that right there connects us all.


  1. Thank You My friend!

    Means a lot...

    God Bless!


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