Hyuna's solo debuts performance @ Music core, Music bank & Inkigayo

Hyuna's solo debuts performance @ Music core, Music bank & Inkigayo
4 minute's assigned p***y popper has been making her debut on every popular Korean music show in a flurry of promotions for her solo single "Change". If you didn't know about Hyuna's swagger as part of 4 minute, you'll get to know it. I can't knock the girl. She knows how to work it. She's like a mini BoA. Back when BoA had that hunger and was proving shit. Peep her after the jump!

Hyuna's solo debut @ Music core

Hyuna's solo debut @ Music bank

Hyuna's solo debut @ Inkigayo

Hyuna is the one member of 4 minute who has always stood out for me. She has swag for days! Somebody needs to remind me why she needs them other bitches in the group. Because Hyuna is sho' making them look redundant right about now. Her live vocals still need some work, and "Change" is a weak song. But she looked hot and was working the stage like a pro. The chemistry between her, her dancers and Jun Hyung sizzled! Her mother may want to have words with her though. Because I know for a fact that her mother's friends were probably on the phone to each other cussing out how badly she raised her daughter, and that she was acting a ho on Music bank.

No doubt, it sucked for Hyuna when she had to leave Wonder girls. But I think she's a much better fit for a group like 4 minute. She probably wouldn't have had a solo debut like this if she had stayed in the Wonder girls. A definite case of everything happening for a reason.


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  2. Hyuna is killing the stage in 4 minute thats why they gave her the name fanmaker.She is in the group because she decided to and if your really her fan you would support her than bash on her members.Its alot more fun being on stage with members than being alone.


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