KAT-TUN do the D-Motion

Another KAT-TUN song, another product tie-in! The Johnny faves continue their cell phone choke hold on the ketai tie-in's with their new song "D-motion".

The guys look how KAT-TUN always do, with Junnosuke being the exception. He's gone and dyed his hair blonde. Shit looked awful when he dyed it for Yukan club, but it does look a little better here. Probably because he's surrounded by gold.

This is the only KAT-TUN song I've liked since "Signal", and it's the beat that's doing it for me more than anything else. It sounds a heck of a lot like Madonna's "Casuing a commotion" - which is one of my all time fave Madonna songs. KAT-TUN don't sound great on this "D-Motion". They don't sound great on anything because their vocals are anything but smooth, even with auto-tune. So I'll be hoping for an instrumental or karaoke version of this "D-Motion" joint, because I dig the beat. It's a shame Big Bang or Super Junior didn't get this song. Their vocals would have sounded a heck of a lot better.

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