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Kumi Koda's 'Best ~third universe~' & 8th album 'Universe' (2CD + DVD edition)
Kumi Koda's 'Best ~third universe~' & 8th album 'Universe' (2CD edition) Kumi Koda's 'Best ~third universe~' & 8th album 'Universe' (1CD edition)

It's a new year. So of course our favourite J-pop ho will be releasing another album. Not only is she dropping a new album, but a Best album too! In a similar move to BoA's Best & USA release - Kumi Koda's studio album and Best album will be released as a 2 CD set: One disc featuring a retrospective of her hits, and another disc featuring all new material. Of course, with this being a Japanese release, the album will come in a variety of editions. The standard being the 2 CD's. The deluxe featuring 2 CD's and a DVD chock-a-block of music videos. And a cheaper format which features just one CD of Kumi's past hits and codes to access the new songs via Japan's ever popular Chaku-uta cell phone downloads.

I think Kumi has released one too many Best albums and that a new album a year after her last is way too soon. People complain that Beyoncé's needs to take a break. Pah! They don't know 'bout Kumi Koda!! This is a good look for fans though, and a sweet deal. A new album of material and a CD of hits is a nice package. It's a shame Crystal Kay didn't do the same. She had enough material to do it. I guess Sony don't roll how Avex Trax do.

As fans may have already spotted (not that it's hard to), the 2CD and DVD edition cover is a throwback to her Best ~2nd sessions~ album cover, of which she is holding in her hands. Music outlets will undoubtedly merchandise the 2 Best albums together. It'd make sense.

Fans can look forward to the set when it drops on February 3rd.


  1. Hot pics! She's got some niiice legs.

  2. I think the single 'Can we go back' is out Jan 20th whilst the new album is out in February.

    If I had the cash I'd buy this, as I only started to get into Koda Kumi after her Kingdom album.

  3. Thanks. I've corrected the post :)

  4. woohoo! i cant wait for this and its out 2 days before my birthday :P kumi is amazing! :D
    which cover is the 2cd version?

  5. The bottom left is the cover for the 2CD version.


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