Kumi Koda's end of 2009 performances

Kumi Koda's end of 2009 performances
Kumi Koda shows no signs of retiring "Lick me". I've not seen a female artist run a song into the ground this mush since Beyoncé with "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". You'd think "Lick me" has been the only song Kumi Koda had released over the past 3 months! I've heard ♪ Ev'ryting owlight. Don' be uhfraid!! ♪ so many times now, that it rings through my mind and just won't stop.

"Lick me" and "It's all love" (featuring Misono) @ Kouhaku utagassen

"Lick me" @ Japan record awards

I still cannot believe how Kumi is milking "Lick me". If the song were a titty, it'd be the lankiest and saggiest titty in all of Japan. I like "Lick me", and Kumi is on form when she performs it. But she needs to switch it up. Perform "Hashire!", "Ectascy" or "Physical thing" every now and then. She has a Best album on the way. So how about she performs another hit!? She has enough of them, and good ones too. Even the crowd was dead pan; watching Kumi like "Oh, F**K this bitch and this 'Lick me' bullshit!"

I thought Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige were the weave 'n wig change Queens until Lady Gaga came along. But recently Kumi has been putting bitches on the bench with the hair changes. It's long, then it's short, then it's peroxide blonde, then it's in a Princess Leia hairstyle, then it's dusty pink, then it's long and brunette... I can't keep up! She's even got her younger style keeping it movin' with the hair! There's an American black pop star living inside Kumi Koda. I'm sure of it. She changes the hair up too often for there not to be.


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