Music video: 2AM - Can't let you go even if I die

The video looked like it was on the tightest of budgets. And what was up with those dudes in white suits making like Pretty Ricky in the background whilst 2AM were getting their emotive singing faces on!? But by golly, what a song!

I was late to the 2AM party, just as I was to 2PM's. But it's better late than never! I usually roll my eyes when Korea drop these kinds of songs, because I often find them boring and a little samey. But I really do like this one. It's big, it's anthemic, and 2AM all sound great on it. I became fans of 2AM based on their variety show shenanigans and not their music. I hadn't really heard anything of theirs before. So it's almost strange hearing them on such a song. You would never think 2AM are such jokers and pranksters going on their music alone. At times I think they're almost wasted in being exclusively in a 'ballad group.'

This is a great song and a fitting, if a little cheap an over dramatic video. But I think the SNSD-bots "Oh!" may have already stolen 2AM's thunder...


  1. Wait wait wait! There's a band called 2PM and another, within the same genre, chart and record label, named 2AM??? god that must get confusing!
    The songs nice, love the title, may download later, but still, my mind is boggled!


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