Music video: F.CUZ - Jiggy

All these damn K-Pop videos are the same. Bright lights. A wardrobe that looks like each member got given a $200 gift certificate for American apparel, and a shiny floor. I'm not feeling these F.CUZ (f**kers!?) at all. Their dance steps are elementary for a group trying to look so fly, and they just feel like a really poor male equivalent of 2NE1. I'll keep an eye on them. Because if there's one thing you can rely on the K-Pop game to do with a group; it's keep them moving and switch their shit up from single to single, how artists do from album to album in the west. So I'll be on stand by to see if these guys can actually come with something that doesn't make me want to mute the volume on my PC and roll my eyes.


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