Music video: Girls' generation - Oh!

This music video was pretty much the same as that of "Gee". Except set around a school cheer leading squad instead of girls in a clothes shop. The girls all looked nice and a sweet as pie. Some of them wigs and weaves looked atrocious though. I know SM entertainment are feeling holes being burnt in their pockets with all the legal shit with TVXQ and all that money they wasted on BoA's US debut. But that shouldn't mean the SNSD-bots should have to make do with nasty wigs. Tiffany's hair especially looked nasty. I don't know who the wardrobe department thought they were fooling with that over glossed GCSE after school drama club mess of a wig.

Once again, we get the girls flaunting their pins. Literal pins in SooYoung's case. Her legs are SO skinny! The other girls look as though they've at least eaten something since "Tell me your wish (Genie)". Taeyeon was look pretty tasty. I was feeling her little step at 0:39. Gotta hand it to her. But she's still wallpaper to me.

What was up with the ending to the video!? A segue into the SNSD-bots next music video!? The mind boggles. But one things for sure: the bots were looking CORRECT! Jessica and Sunny were killing me with those smouldering looks. That image needs to be a permanent one, or one they dabble in with their promotional stages, fa sho!


  1. The best part of the video was definitely the end. Probably their second single on a repackaging of this album.

  2. It's the beginning of "Show Show"


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