Music video: Jonte' - Ya! Who?

I heard this song a while back, but had no idea it had a full video. This is taken from Jonte's Japanese DVD Jonte'★Moaning. Jonte' is doing' some thangs in Japan, and word is he is working on an album which will release over there. I'm guessing the success of it in Japan will determine if it gets a worldwide release or not. I don't know if the West is truly ready for Jonte'. Closed mindedness, politics, record labels wanting to play it safe and silly shit will probably get in the way of him achieving mass worldwide success as an artist. But I'm glad he at last has an audience in Japan who are loving him right now.

Jonte' is one fly ass dancer, who some may recognize from Beyoncé's "Freakum dress" music video, and her memorable performance of "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" on the Tyra show. The "Ya! Who?" routine actually looks better when Jonte' performs it live. So be sure to YouTube some performances of it and see it in all its super fly glory.


  1. And you thought Adam Lambert was flamboyant? He's down right tame compared to this dude! LOL!

    He can dance his ass off though, and in a really weird way, unexplainable way, I kinda liked that song.


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