Music video: Kumi Koda - Can we go back

First Kumi covers the eigo song "Physical thing" and now she takes on a Kelly Clarkson track! I'm not a fan of the song itself. But where 'preference of performer' is concerned, I prefer Kumi's version. I just like how her voice sounds on it: more swag. She was smart enough to have the song re-worked into Japanese instead of tackling it in English. Kumi's English is still as bad as it was 5 years ago. So ain't nobody trying to hear her sing a whole song in it.

The Joan of Arc inspired video was cool, but got boring really quickly. I lost count of the amount of times that Kumi had her fingers in her mouth in the dirty cell scene where she looked like she had doo-doo slapped on to her face. And the dance break was plain unnecessary. It broke up the song in the worst possible way, and the dance steps were just shit and repetitive. It was cool to give a little tribute to Michael (it just as easily could have been a homage to Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation"), but it wasn't necessary. I really don't get it. She doesn't dance at all in the music video for "Physical thing" - a song which should have had a dance routine. And then the one song which did not need a dance routine at all, gets one!


  1. There's a huge debat on whether this song is really Kelly's (because she sang it first), or it it's really Koda's (because she bought the rights to it before Kelly ever recorded it.)


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