Music video: Kumi Koda - Superstar

The same ol' same ol' pastel coloured, sickly sweet music video Kumi always drops for at least one single from each of her albums. This reminded me a lot of "Wind" with the whole super kawaii vibe and the inclusion of pop-up book style special effects and animation. But it was a really cool and cute video.

"Superstar" should make me want to projectile vomit that it's so sickly sweet. But I really like the song! I prefer "Lick me". But "Superstar" is a good 'un. Kumi is including more and more Engrish into her songs as of late, and I find it rather cute. I quite like that her pronunciation is gangsta. There is a limit to it though. "Bling bling bling" was atrocious and more than I think anybody could take. I mean c'mon now. ♪ Bwing-a-wing a-wing. A-wing a-wing...wing ♪ Bitch, please.

"Superstar"'s video was nice for what it was. I would've thought Kumi would have gotten a better looking dude to play her love interest though. No disrespect to the dude in the video. I just thought Kumi would go for either a Japanese stud, or some white dude that looks like he models for Abercrombie & Fitch.

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  1. super kawaii!!! kumi comes through with the goods again XD
    cant wait for universe :)
    p.s love the hair lol


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