Music video: Mariah Carey featuring Ne-Yo - Angel's cry

This video stinks like the doo-doo her puppy must have dropped at some point during the filming up in that studio. It was like "One sweet day", but with blatant product placement. Mariah's fragrance, whatever make her shoes were (I'm assuming they're designer), the bottle of Angel champagne and her Superdry hoodie. You would have though the make-up Mariah was caked in would've been highlighted; given that it was waterproof and didn't run for shit when she was caught up in that monsoon in the alleyway.

Mariah has been looking iffy during Memoirs of an imperfect angel's run. It's not even about the weight. Because ain't nothing wrong with a woman being a bit heavy here and there. And Mariah's shape is fine. But she dresses it so badly. And where she seems to be hell bent on trying to prove to us (and herself) that she can wear the same shit that teenagers with the frame of Miley Cyrus can wear, it makes her look bad and a little sad. Dress for yo' shape...bitch! Stop making yourself look frumped out!

"Angel's cry" wasn't a song I liked originally. But I like this version with Ne-Yo, because he makes it so much better. I can't see this being a hit though. Her album (original and remix) has much better songs on it than this one. Plus there's no escaping that it sounds like a re-hash of "I stay in love".

Read all about it: Memoirs of an imperfect angel album review


  1. i like the remix but the original was great too . . .
    im so pissed that her last 2 albums have been screwed over by the label, memoirs is a great album but they picked the wrong singles, made some whack ass videos just don't promote it right . . .
    emancipation had amazing vids even the later singles i hope this does well for her though.


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