Music video: Mariah Carey featuring Nicki Minaj - Up out my face

She is never going to learn is she? The whole pandering to the male fantasy, being dressed as a nurse, a Barbie: it's old. And it's making her look old. She looked like a man in drag in this video. She needs to save this for the chicks who can pull it off without it looking forced and over cooked.

I loved the playfulness of this video. Mariah and Nicki looked like they had a lot fun filming this together. What I always like about when Mariah has features on her song, is that the featuring artist(s) gets as much air time in the music video as she does. Unlike say, Beyoncé (you know what collabo and video of her's I'm on about). But as fun as the video was, it looked cheap. The lyrics popping up on the screen looked like somebody hard subbed them...badly! Couldn't Nick Cannon have picked a better font to have used!? Damn. I think this is possibly one of Mariah's best videos from her Memoirs of an imperfect angel run. Her previous videos set the bar so low, that we had to get at least one half decent video at some point.

Mariah falling out of the doll packaging at the 1:35 mark had me laughing, because that shit looked real. If it wasn't, then Damn! Maybe home girl can act after all - because that fall did look genuine. I'm glad the "Up out my face (Reprise)" got a look in, because the beat on it knocks harder than that of the main song. When the album dropped, everybody was up in arms about why it wasn't made part of the main song or made longer. It really is such a hot switch to the main song.

"Up out my face" is one of my favourite songs on Memoirs of an imperfect angel. I'm pissed Mariah didn't release it sooner. I didn't care much for Nicki Minaj being put on a remix to begin with. But upon watching the music video and listening to the song a few more times, I really like her on it. Nicki's feature is what helps make this video too. Because had Mariah shot this shit on her own, it would have been super boring. Having Nicki to play off of helped make it more tolerable.

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  1. Hey lol, if I had strolled onto this website, I dont think I woulda seen that! I can see why you would say it was cheap and whatnot but watching it... honestly... I think that was all Mariah. As in, SHE was the one that made the video awkward. For me, it was awkward cause it looked like her movements were off... and clothes waaaaay too tight for her to even move the way she was 'attempting' to move. Having Nikki there was good but bad cause it just makes Mariah flaws in this too apparent. You know? Nikki looked like she moved freely while Mariah, kinda struggled or just came off as awkward. Also, Mariah is a diva and having Nikki in this kind of video, or just for Mariah to BE in such a playful video... it looked odd. She needed to do a 'grown' playful and not, something like this. I did enjoy it though, minus the awkwardness.

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  2. I didn't think Mariah was THAT awkward. But I agree with you that Nicki did make Mariah look bad. She looked better in her outfits for a start and just seemed more natural.

    Thanks for the comment buddy. I appreciate it! :D

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  3. i gotta admit that when i first saw this i was thinkin aww no for f*** sake here she goes again with her too tight too young clothes and crazy discount lil kim but now i think that shes just messin with the vid and it is quite funny but i know shed wear that stuff whether she was messin or not :P
    either wayz im totally addicted to this song now! i cant stop playing it :P 19th no1 i hope :)

  4. I actually prefer the original version of this track, and "Angels Cry" too.

    What do you think of "100%" by Mariah?


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