Music video: Rihanna featuring Young Jeezy - Hard

This should have been the lead single from Rated R. Def Jam just wasted every body's time with "Russian roulette" and "Wait your turn". Banger!! I usually cringe and screw face at Young Jeezy's raps. But I really do dig his rap on this song. One of Rated R's best songs by a long shot. Tricky and The Dream hit the jackpot with Rihanna yet again.

Rihanna has come a long way since her "Pon de replay" video. She's comfortable with her sexuality and puts it all on display for us to ogle at. She's also morphed into a bit of a style icon. Yeah, sure she may have swagger jacked a little from Fefe Dobson and Lady Gaga. But The Forehead steps out looking hot (for the most part) and her looks in "Hard" are really striking.

Melena is one of the hottest video directors in the game. Being a female gives her an immediate sense of what looks sexy and flattering for the ladies she shoots. And she does no wrong by Rihanna. The settings, the cinematography are all on point. This video isn't as great as it should have been though, and I'll tell you why. Rihanna doesn't dance or move with any conviction. All she does is walk, writhe and flick her head back. And as cool as the video looks, Rihanna never really captivates because she doesn't really do anything. Had the likes of Ciara or Beyoncé done a video like this (both of whom have shot hot videos with Melina), they would have been crippin' and 2-stepping across that mind field, and going to town with the sexy moves.

This video really made me wanna go and play Call of duty: Modern warfare 2. Ya know what? I think I might just go and do that.

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  1. Glad you're back J, this was one badass video. And I agree totally about Def Jam wasting our time with the first two singles. This is lead single material, hopefully it'll do better on the charts. It's been doing ok, but it has yet to crack the Top 10 - and her live performances of it have sucked thus far.


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