Music video: Shontelle - Licky

Why is this girl even trying? Everything she does stinks of the circuits The Forehead zipped around when she was on the road to super stardom. Plus, with a video as boring and as un-original as this: how far is she expecting this shit to go!? It looked like ripped of scenes from The Forehead's "S.O.S" video cut with a couple of the street shots from The Black eyed peas "I gotta feeling". Shontelle was not looking hot walking down the street looking like a lady of the night got given a $50 gift voucher for Topshop. Neither was she looking hot spread out all over somebodies star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

There is nothing about this chick that captivates, or makes me want to see where she goes an an artist. She has a stronger and smoother voice than The Forehead, but it's not as distinctive (you gotta give The Forehead that at least: there's no mistaking her voice). And although this may be objective, I don't think Shontelle is any where near as hot as The Forehead. She looks like a cross between Shaznay Lewis of All saints, Arsenio Hall and Debo from Friday. And no amount of make-up and killer heels in a music video gonna hiding that so far.

"Licky" should have gone to Britney Spears. I think the song would have been more likeable with her overly processed vocals over it. Plus, she has that distinctness to her voice that would have helped given this song a strong point of reference and sense of familiarity.


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