Music video: Sugababes - Wear my kiss

So, we got a preview of this video which was near enough the whole thing - and then were made to wait over a week for the production team to add a giant watch, a diamond and a green pair of shoes and more dodgy shots!? Hell to the no! The video looked cheap. It looked tacky. I watched it once. I won't be watching it again. The Sugababes' videos have never been amazing. But even by their standards, this is super bad. I can't stand the song neither. Had Girls aloud or The Saturdays sung it, it wouldn't have sounded any worse or better. It probabaly would have gotten a better video if either of them groups got the song!

I really am falling out of love for the 4.0's. If they had kept up appearances with their music videos and more importantly, their music; I would have eventually come around and supported them. But this is a mess. I can't believe how they've fallen off. I've been listening to a lot of the Sugababes' stuff pre Amelle, and nothing the girls have done since Mutya departed has managed to hold a candle to their old stuff. It's almost difficult to believe that the 'Sugababes' were the pioneer pop girl group in the UK. Now they're just like any other. Unless the other half of Sweet 7 which didn't manage to leak is on some triple-A level of amazing, I can't see my self liking it.


  1. yeah at first when they released the promo everybody said it looked cheap but I liked it but the watch, shoes etc just make it look awful :P
    despite that I do like the song, it's nowhare near as good as when mutya was there but it's quite good and I hope it does well :P
    the other songs i've heard like "thank you for the heartbreak" and "wait for you" i really liked so I'm hoping the album is really good and gets them back on top . . .


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