Music video: Thelma Aoyama featuring Taeyang - Fall in love

Thelma's wig looked nasty. The special effects looked iffy. And what was with the jerkiness at the start!? It's like the frame rate was dropping. And no. It isn't YouTube and their gangsta compression. Not cool. I have mucho love for Thelma Aoyama (her sophomore album Emotions was fire) and I like Taeyang (Big bang are A okay, and his solo song "Look only at me" will forever be a banga). But the video was a mess. The hottest.

Unlike the video, the song is good and showcases both Thelma and Taeyang nicely. I can't see myself playing the song often, but it is a good song. Where Big bang are concerned (as a group, individually and in a featuring capacity) their hottest Japanese release for me,s till stands as "Koe wo kikasete". I love that song.


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