Super Junior's tribute to MJ

Super Junior's tribute to MJ
Super Junior delivered another tribute on behalf of the K-Pop game to the undisputed King of pop. The Super Junior lads treated fans to some of the signature crotch grabbing (much to the delight of fan girls, I'm sure!), pointy fingers, and a couple of the super signature MJ moves that oddly enough nobody attempted at his full on tribute show...

Watching Shindong make like a fat Micheal and bust moves made this performance a win in itself. But then Eunhyuk busts out the moonwalk and even attempts the "Smooth criminal" lean! He did end up falling. But that's okay. Even The king of pop himself fell flat on his face once at a concert trying to do that shit on stage. I wouldn't trust magnetic shoes on their own with that lean at all! I'd need me a harness and some n***a's ready on the stunt wires before I'd attempt that shit.


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