Album highlight: Namie Amuro featuring Doberman Inc. - First timer

Album highlight: Namie Amuro featuring Doberman Inc. - First timer
Many Namie fans have slated this song. Crap rapping, too much going on, auto-tune, not catchy enough, over produced. But me? I love this shit! It's completely different from anything Namie Amuro has done before. And whilst she does get smothered amongst the production and some raps from Doberman Inc which take up a large chunk of the song - I still love it. I just dig how busy the song is, and the beat knocks hard. Whenever I'm in the car, this song gets cranked up some decibels.

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The song is over produced as hell, and yes there is auto-tune and no shortage of synths going off like a car park full of car alarms. But I just love how this whole song comes together, and the vocals arrangements on the chorus are plain sick. I had no idea producer T. Kura could put it down like this. God knows what happened to him between Namie Amuro's Play album and Past < Future, but his productions sound like they're on acid now.

Namie fans may not all like this song, and I can understand why. It is super busy. But I am just in complete love the beat on this song, especially the way it rides at the very end. It bounces a heck of a lot like Mýa's "Ride & shake" though.

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