BRIT awards 2010 performances

BRIT awards 2010
If truth be told I don't really watch the BRIT awards. They all seem to boring now. And it's just luck if a US celebrity is in the UK at the time to actually bother showing up to the event.

The BRIT award show I watched in its entirety on TV was years ago when Destiny's Child performed "Independent women" and Beyoncé happened to squat with her legs open right above a camera. Unluckily for her the director switched to that camera and we got a nice look at her undercarriage. Lucky for her, she had knickers on under the hot pants.

As tends to be the case with any award show, YouTube be pulling down videos with the quickness. So as I've started doing with these gigs, I'll just be posting my thoughts on the performances to save a post full of embedded YouTube videos that greet you with "This video has been removed due to a copyright claim from [insert broadcasting company here]".

Cheryl Tweedy @ The BRIT awards 2010
Cheryl Tweedy - Fight for this love / Show me love
Did any of you get Beyoncé vibes during that intro? I sho' as hell did. I didn't know whether to expect "Fight for this love", "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" or "Ring the alarm"! Cheryl always looks the business. I can't stand her, but she's a hot gal. Cheryl isn't as dumb a broad as I thought. She always manages to have just enough of a spectacle occur on stage to keep thing interesting and mask the fact that she actually can't dance and isn't singing the whole of her song live. She has no stage swagger on her own. A true artist should be able to own a stage with nothing but a mic and the lights on them, and Cheryl can't. I felt the switch into Robin's "Show me love" though, up until it went back into the original. It was a cool unexpected twist.

Dizzee & Florence + The machine @ The BRIT awards 2010
Dizzee Rascal & Florence + The machine - You got the (Dirtee) love
Damn right this shit is on iTunes! Whenever Dizzee puts a spin on somebody else's song, the results are the absolute shit. I still play his Live lounge rendition of The Ting Tings "That's not my name" from time to time. This was a great performance from two acts who you'd never think would collaborate. Another notch for Dizzee's credibility and another reason to love Florence + The machine.

Lily Allen @ The BRIT awards 2010
Lily Allen - The fear
This was probably my fave performance of the night from a visual standpoint. I really like the whole British vibe going on, and how she mimicked the semi-surrealism of the music video. I would have preferred a performance of "22" myself as I love that song. But I'm down with "The fear" being chosen instead. I know Lily and Cheryl have some beef. And I'm backing Lily here. Her performance slaughtered Cheryl's.

Lady Gaga @ The BRIT awards 2010
Lady Gaga - Telephone / Dance in the dark
Everybody was like "What the f**k song is that?" when Lady Gaga started performing. It took me a while to even recognize that she was in fact performing an altered version of "Telephone". And I only knew "Dance in the dark" was the second song because she said "Dance in the dark" (it's not a song I listen to on The fame monster). Lady Gaga dedicated this performance to Alexander McQueen, which I thought was noble. But I think she should have performed "Fashion" instead. Needs no explanation really. It's what McQueen was about and she even mentions him in the song. Plus, even if nobody had heard it before, they'd bounce to it because the song is so catchy and infectious. Non single material aside - this was a strong performance from one of pop's premiere acts. It was different and definitely had me thinking "What the f**k?" But it was a good performance. I just love how Lady Gaga don't give a damn.

JLS @ The BRIT awards 2010
JLS - Beat again
Good performance. I'm not jockin' on JLS like the whole of the UK seems to be. I just don't think they're anything special. But there's a gap in the market for a new boy band who are young 'n cool - and JLS have filled it perfectly, much to the delight of the music loving public and fans of The X-Factor. Losing The X-Factor was the best thing that could have happened to JLS. There's no guarantee they would have had the same level of success and dropped correct singles had they won. Their whole success story right now is like a piece of doo-doo on Alexandra's Burke's door step.

Kasabian @ The BRIT awards 2010
Kasabian - Fire
I'm not a fan of this song. I think it's boring. And whilst Kasabian did not hit a bad note and performed the song to perfection, the performance itself was boring too. I liked how they actually included fire though. Not much of a spontaneous surprise, but cool none the less.

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys @ The BRIT awards 2010
Jay-Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of mind
I am officially sick of this song. On nights out when I hear the song, I feel compelled to unplug the speakers. Tired of it. Jay-Z and Alicia 'Gimme Mashonda's set of' Keys are also on point with their live performances of this song. It's just a given. Props to Miss Keys for not falling over. Because them Louboutin heels looked high and uncomfortable as hell.

Robbie Williams @ The BRIT awards 2010
Robbie Williams - Medley
This guy is a great entertainer. His performance was like a mini concert! Gotta love the showmanship. And the crowd seemed to be loving it. Robbie Williams is like King of The BRITS, so I guess this was to be expected. It was a great encore for the show and a reminder of what Robbie does best.

Watch all the performances @ the official BRIT awards 2010 website


  1. haha i agreed with everything! especially the cheryl/beyonce comparisons, when she started i was like WTF?!? shes over MJ and ripping off B now lol
    Florence & the machine & dizee were the best of the night i think and lily did great too.
    p.s good to have you back! ^_^


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