The Forehead talks to the chatty man and teaches him how to whine

The Forehead talks to the chatty man and teaches him how to whine
Rihanna hit up Alan Carr's Chatty man show looking like a half dressed Chola. I don't know what she was thinking. Her whole outfit looked like she bought it from Matalan's bed wear department.

Wearing her cheap Chola gear, she sat down with Alan Carr to talk about fashion, music, hitting up Katy Perry on the phone and also taught Alan Carr how to do some dancehall moves. And if that wasn't entertaining enough, she bowed out with a performance of "Rude boy".

Rihanna's chat with Alan Carr

This interview had me dying when I saw it. The Bogleing and the Butterfly had me ready to go. But hearing Alan Carr ask The Forehead to show him "Da dutty whine" had me dead! Dude is stiff as hell though. Is it really that hard for him to just fling his head around like Reagan from The Exorcist?

The Forehead's live performance of "Rude boy"

Nice performance. What she's wearing looks bloody awful. But the way she was working the waist, the booty and them legs makes up for it. I wish she'd whine more though. I'm talking get low on the floor and put legs behind her head whilst p***y poppin' and shit.


  1. What the hell is she wearing? It defies description and what's that shit on her head? She really should be arrested by the fashion police and the NAACP.

    Glad your back RJ.


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