The Forehead's live performances for AOL sessions

The Forehead's live performances for AOL sessions
The Forehead took her Road runner quiff to AOL's studios where she performed all 3 of her Rated R singles live. The Forehead's live game has been very hit and miss since the day she debuted. But her performances at AOL sessions were rather good! She barely moves. And unless you pay careful attention you may think you're staring at a JPEG of her album cover she's so damn static. But the vocals were very good indeed!

"Russian roulette" live @ AOL sessions

"Hard" live @ AOL sessions

"Rude boy" live @ AOL sessions

You cannot knock The Forehead's hustle. It's a shame it took her a quick succession of recorded beatings, some horrendous performances and a beating from Chris Brown for to to shape up. But she's shaping up nicely. Slowly...but surely.

This performance of "Russian roulette" was one of her best. Her past performances of the song have been so bad that besting them was never going to be a difficult job. But her vocals during the held notes on the chorus were much smoother than they've ever been. I have to high five The Forehead's forehead, she did good. "Hard" was boring, but she sounded decent. But "Rude boy" was pretty damn good! The new arrangements were as hot as hell and The Forehead's vocals were strong. I could have done with a bit more whinin' though. I was hoping she'd tick-tock, p***y pop and get low how she did in the music video.

It's a shame Def Jam have messed up with Rated R's singles. "Hard" had the potential to be such a monster smash.

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  1. I've never heard a bad performance on aol sessions. I chalk it up to their awesome studio sound production. not to say forehead can't sing, but this was the best I've ever heard from her


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