Jay-Z's takes it "On to the next one" on Friday night with Jonathon Ross

Jay-Z's appearance on 'Friday night with Jonathon Ross'
During Jay-Z's pit stop in the UK, the Jigga man dropped by to kick it with Jonathon Ross on his Friday night chat show. He's appeared on the show quite a few times; and his interviews on the show are always cool, light-hearted and memorable. Unlike his dead pan wife the Beyondroid - Jay-Z is actually funny, comes out with some interesting shit to say and looks like he knows what's up, instead of giggling to hide that he don't understand shit.

Jay-Z interview with Jonathon Ross

Johnathon Ross and Jay-Z are buds. There's no question of that. Jay-Z always stops by his show when he's in the UK and Jay-Z is always relaxed and shows the ture colours of his dry humour in his interviews. Still super guarded and super witty, but always relaxed. Great interview. I was surprised as hell when he said he was going to perform "On to the next one" though...

Jay-Z performance of "On to the next one"

Jay-Z has more swagger in his bottom lip than most n***a's have period! I thought he would have performed "Empire state of mind" given that everybody knows it. I'm glad he didn't. Because I'm sick to death of the song now. "On to the next one" is my new shizzle. I think the song is crazy! I love it. When I wanna mean mug in the car, I always play it.


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